Apollo Idro 18
Apollo Idro 18
Product information
Laminox Idro
Dimension (LxDxH)
863 x 620 x 805 mm
165 kg
Prestazione ambientale
Water thermal power
From 2,40 to 11 kW
pellet consumptiom
From 0,90 to 3,70 kg/h

Piece of furniture, unique, modern and essential design. Extractable thanks to a system of roller guides to carry out the seasonal and extraordinary maintenance and the easy cleaning of the flue. Circular burner with post-combustion - CCS LAMINOX (Circular Combustion System).

Datasheet and documentation
Technical details
Energy rating
Global thermal power
18,20 kW
Radiated thermal power
From 1,80 to 5,50 kW
Indicative heatable volume
From 250 to 350 m³
Pellet tank capacity
18 kg
Rated thermal power
16,50 kW
Average efficiency
94,20 %
Fume outlet
80 mm
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