At the foot of the Marchigiani appenines “LAMEC” was born in 1964 to compete in the domestic heating market. Lamec was founded by Giuseppe Arra' (who is still President) and Professor Sauro Rafaini.

In 1970 the company took the name “LAMINOX” (inox being stainless steel) during the next thirty years becoming an important company in the fields of gas heaters and oil filled radiators.

At the start of the nineties, the second generation of the founders joined the company: Dr Antonio Arra' and Engineer Luigi Rafaini. At the second half of the nineties LAMINOX entered the market of air conditioning, first portable and then residential.

Since 2005 LAMINOX has provided a range of excellent pellet and wood heaters under the name of LAMINOX IDRO, models developed after years of research utilizing specialist engineers in both development and after sales, embracing the challenge of designing and producing quality, ecologically sound wood, pellet and combination heating solutions.

Laminox Idro has now become one of the top producers of quality pellet stoves, known for modern innovative sophisticated design; reliability; safety; low noise; efficient clean burn; wide range of products for any domestic application and an extensive after sales service.

The main structure of the models being thick steel for strength with cast iron inserts inside the firebox and a safety system to ensure that the pellet hopper is isolated from the heat source.

The cladding is either stainless steel coated with a tough attractive epoxy based paint (satin or gloss finish) or else ceramic panels.