Veronica Natural
Veronica Natural
Air Pellet Stove without electricity 30000 BTU/h
Product information
Laminox Idro
Dimension (LxDxH)
500 x 518 x 1085 mm
123 kg
Bianco, Bronzo, Nero lucido, Rosso bordeaux
Heat input power
30000 BTU/h
Indicative heatable volume
210 cu ft
Heating efficiency (based on LHV)
85 %
Feed rate
From 0,60 to 1,90 lb/h
Hopper capacity
33 lb

Jessica Natural is a pellet stove functioning solely without electricity. It possesses all the characteristics of the latest Laminox Idro technology, this allows for greater improvement of performance and emissions. The complete absence of electricity (no power supply, battery-free, electricity-free) makes Jessica Natural a unique product in the market. The radiating heat from the stove glows silently into the room. Jessica Natural is the new ecological alternative, it is the homeowner's environmental answer avoiding any electric consumption

Technical details
EPA Emission rate
1,20 gr/h
Venting size
4,70 "