Poldo Family
Poldo Family
Product information
Laminox Idro
Dimension (LxDxH)
806 x 750 x 1025 mm
95 kg
Charcoal, Red, Green
Plate dimensions
50 cm
pellet consumptiom
From 0,60 to 1,90 kg/h

Pellet barbecue with a solid and professional look, it is perfect for an intense and long lasting use. The cover with integrated thermometer that permits more elaborate cookings, as if you were using a professional oven. It is equipped with a lever for the switching off and the pellet charge, just like the Easy Plus model. The lateral shelves, made of stainless steel, can be closed to move the barbecue easily. Equipped with 3 in 1 brush, smokes discharge pipe and stainless steel chimney. The temperature can be adjusted anytime. 

Datasheet and documentation
Technical details
Pellet tank capacity
6 kg
Fume outlet
80 mm